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The Transformation Expert

You deserve to live a happy life – it’s my mission to help you achieve that!

Ayse Durmush – The Transformation Expert

My Story

For decades I worked for global brands transforming their sales, marketing, and revenue. Until one day I woke up completely paralyzed.

Being told by doctors I would have to live with a debilitating untreatable illness I decided to search for my own answers. And my own transformation began.

After healing myself and proving the doctors wrong. I became addicted to finding more answers.  I traveled the world in search of experts in:

  • mind
  • body
  • spirit
  • wealth and personal growth

Now my mission is to help others achieve the transformations their need in their own lives.


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Absolutely perfect. Loved it. Such an image to hold in your mind.

Emily Culver

Reading, United Kingdom

How beautiful! Thank you for the explanation of the Vedic teaching of So Hum. It was very helpful. Also the meditation was beautifully led. I am experiencing deep peace and a sense of profound well being.


Syracuse, NY, United States

Really appreciate this. Thank you for sharing. The music, and your voice is really great in this. ✨ ❤️


Toronto, Canada


I am so excited you’re here right now! Because that means you already know you deserve to be living a much better life than you are.

But I’m even more excited that you are in the right place! I’ve been through physical, emotional, mental, financial transformations and helped countless others through theirs. And now here you are, ready to take the next step.

Let me guide you to a life that’s so full of joy, passion, happiness and wealth that you’ll never turn back.


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