Why Hire a Consultant for Your business?
Published Sunday, Dec 01

Why hire a consultant?

There comes a point in the lifecycle of every successful business where the things become a bit stale. Maybe market share is slowing down, or sales seem to have reached a plateau or it just takes too long to get things done. You have all the operation and staff available to you but something just isn’t working within the business.

This is the perfect time to bring in a consultant. A consultant is outside expertise who can offer a completely fresh perspective on your business performance and help you out of your business rut.

There are so many levels of consultants and various types, be it business, marketing even accounting. Plus cost wise can vary from a few thousands to millions depending on the firm and size of your organisation and need.  Hiring that temporary expertise however actually works out as a cheaper option in the long run. Because you’re only investing in their expertise for a short period of time, and not employing them as a permanent full time member of staff.

A consultant is also able to offer you a wealth of experience from all the firms they have worked at. With over 16 years in marketing, operations and business management I personally haven’t come across a problem I haven’t seen before or managed to solve. It’s this experience a good consultant brings to the table.

Benefits of a consultant

  • Can be brought in on a project by project basis
  • Independent expert advice in a temporary capacity
  • Consultants can fill very senior positions without having to go through complex hiring procedures
  • Consulting contracts are scalable both ways
  • Easy to terminate contracts when work is completed or no longer needed
  • Independent professional advice
  • Diversity of ideas from other firms
  • Can focus effort and energy on a specific project
  • Allows full time staff to carry on with day to day without interruption


Ayse Durmush – The Transformation Expert has nearly 20 years of business expertise under her belt. She’s worked with brands like Google, Apple, Samsung, Adidas, Virgin & Microsoft – as well as thousands of entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

One day, her own life was transformed when she woke up paralyzed from the neck down. Told by doctors she was incurable, she was determined to prove them wrong. Her research didn’t just heal her, but completely transformed her mind, body, spirit and even her business.

She now dedicates her life to teaching these tools to others worldwide.


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