Day 3


Welcome to Day 3 of Manifesting 101!

You’ve done some really courageous and powerful work in your first two days. I honor your willingness to look at your fear and choose new thoughts. Every time you consciously choose new thoughts, you raise your vibration—and that is a miracle!

Now you’re ready for the next step: becoming a YES for what you want!


Press play to practice Day 3 or follow the written guidance below.



As I said in yesterday’s lesson, the Universe responds to our energy. We are always manifesting, whether consciously or unconsciously.

To manifest consciously, we must become a yes for what we want. So let’s get you super clear about what you’re a YES for.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the worksheet and follow my writing prompts. Putting pen to paper is the most powerful way to commit to what you’re a YES for.
  2. What are you a YES for? Describe all the feelings and energy that you want to bring into your life. For instance, when I recently did this practice, I wrote that I’m a YES for calm, ease, peace, rest and connection to others even when we’re apart. You can be specific about the exact feelings or experiences you want to cultivate in your life.
  3. Shout it to the Universe. When you’re done listening to the audio track, go to the Facebook group and claim what you’re a YES for. Tell the group what inspires you most, and commit to doing more of it! If you’re not on Facebook, DM me your YES on Instagram. I want to hear it!

Commit to this simple action and you’ll be amazed by how great it feels!

All my love



BONUS MEDITATION: this is a meditation from my Inner Circle programme to help you align.

This is a series of “I am” affirmations to remind you of who you truly are so that you can become a YES for what you want! Get comfortable, press play and follow my guidance.




When you bring energy to what inspires you, you connect to your Super Attractor power and the manifesting begins. By putting it out there, you’re telling the community and the Universe that you’re ready to attract what you truly want. Claim it now. (Tomorrow I’ll show you how to get into a receptive energy to set yourself up to attract all the good stuff you’re claiming and attracting.)