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Level up your meditation practice

In this post: Level up your Meditation practice (TOP 5) 1. A warm comforting blanket 2. A comfortable cushion 3. Cleansing your space 4. Meditation Bowl 5. Crystal Water Bottle Notice:...

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How to Meditate for success

How to Meditate for success In this post: How to meditate for success How I use meditation How meditation can help you Feeling your emotions Don't be so serious Shifting focus Affirmations...

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Why scheduling self-care is important

Why scheduling self-care is important In this post: Why scheduling in self-care is important Ways to include self-care into your daily routine My own self-care battle Sources Why Scheduling In...

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The 9 Steps to Manifest Effortlessly

The 9 Steps to Manifest Effortlessly In this post: So Much Confusion Step 1: You are more than mind and body Step 2: Witness your thoughts and emotions Step 3: The moment...

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Can Money Buy happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness? In this post: What researchers discovered Time or Money Cash & Happiness Happy Nations Money as a Facilitator Happiness is complex Sources We've all heard that money can't buy...

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