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Mindful March – Day 15 – Take an unusual route & notice what’s different

It’s Day 15 #MindfulMarch

Today is yet again another really simple task. Although this may take a little creative thinking on your part. For many of us we have perfected our commute to work or school But today, the challenge is to take a different route. Now that doesnt mean you have to completely change the route but it could mean:

  • getting off the bus one stop earlier
  • trying a different store for lunch
  • grabbing a coffee in a new shop
  • taking the dog for a walk in a different park

Whatever it is, have a think about where you could meander and be conscious as you do it. Enjoy the new scenery and notice whatever is different around you.

Today’s Task: Mindful March – Day 15 – Take an unusual route & notice what’s different

Special thanks go to for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

What do you think?

Written by Ayse Durmush

Ayse Durmush is The Transformation Expert. Ayse has transformed the digital, strategy, lead generation and operations of countless businesses and consulted for high profile brands. She is not just passionate about business but also has a passion for the dynamics and ideas behind personal transformation too.

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