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Mindful March – Day 17 – Have a device-free day
Author Ayse Durmush


Ayse Durmush is The Transformation Expert. Ayse has transformed the digital, strategy, lead generation and operations of countless businesses and consulted for high profile brands. She is not just passionate about business but also has a passion for the dynamics and ideas behind personal transformation too.
Published Sunday, Mar 17

Welcome to Day 17 of #MindfulMarch

Today we do something many of us will struggle with – the action is to have a device-free day.  The stats around how often the average person picks up their device is shocking. In the west we are obsessed with our phones.  Have you ever been on public transport and simply observed people? It seems everyone under a certain age has their heads bowed and buried in their phones.  People are plugged in and tuned out to the world around them.

Whether it’s watching videos, scrolling through social media or listening to music – people seem to be constantly connected to their devices. The majority of people even use them in the bathroom – on the toilet! We have allowed these devices to take over for so many of us. So the challenge today… how far can you get through your day without using your device?

No social media, no text messages, no zoning out on your phone? And think of it this way, when you are taking time away from your device, try not to think about what might be happening. Just reconnect with the environment around you. Spend time with those you love, enjoy a meal, go for a walk, paint something. Whatever it is, just disconnect from you device and have a free day.

Mindful March – Day 17 – Have a device-free day

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