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Mindful March – Day 18 – Do something creative

Welcome to Mindful March Day 18

Today is all about you. It’s about doing something fun that you love that’s creative. Now if you get stuck here, you don’t need to be a Picasso or a Mozart to create something.

Creativity comes in many forms! You could:

  • Paint
  • Draw
  • Write
  • Cook
  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Film
  • Design

Whatever you want there are so many options for doing something creative, it’s entirely down to you. Plus the bonus here is it doesn’t need to be seen by anyone or done with the intention of doing anything other than creating. Don’t worry about what others may or may not think of your creation, just do it and enjoy it.

Personally, I have never been a great artist but I do love doodling. I followed some videos on YouTube around doodling and started creating my own. Now when I want to zone out and create something, I draw great big doodles.  I don’t care if people see them or not, I just enjoy doodling. It’s a great form of meditation that I enjoy. I’m sure you’ll find something creative to enjoy today too.

Special thanks go to for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

What do you think?

Written by Ayse Durmush

Ayse Durmush is The Transformation Expert. Ayse has transformed the digital, strategy, lead generation and operations of countless businesses and consulted for high profile brands. She is not just passionate about business but also has a passion for the dynamics and ideas behind personal transformation too.

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