Mindful March – Day 25 – Mentally scan your body & notice your feelings
Published Monday, Mar 25

Welcome to Day 24

One of the easiest ways to distract our minds from the noise and clutter around us is to take our minds to our bodies.

By focusing our attention on our bodies we give our reptilian brain something to focus on other than the worry of the day or any issues that may be preoccupying you for even just a moment.

You can do this, either sitting or lying down. Just take 5 minutes away from whatever you are doing and go somewhere quiet.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Then work from the top of your head down to the tips of your feet. And slowly work down your body, and notice any tenseness or feelings that come up. As you notice any tenseness or feelings just breathe into them deeply and move onto the next body part.

This is so simple but so effective in helping you connect with yourself. Try it!

Mindful March – Day 24 – Mentally scan your body & notice your feelings

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.


Ayse Durmush – The Transformation Expert has nearly 20 years of business expertise under her belt. She’s worked with brands like Google, Apple, Samsung, Adidas, Virgin & Microsoft – as well as thousands of entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

One day, her own life was transformed when she woke up paralyzed from the neck down. Told by doctors she was incurable, she was determined to prove them wrong. Her research didn’t just heal her, but completely transformed her mind, body, spirit and even her business.

She now dedicates her life to teaching these tools to others worldwide.


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