Mindful March – Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness toward others
Published Sunday, Mar 03

Welcome to Day 3

So today we focus on loving-kindness… but what on earth does that actually mean?  Well, it’s a term that’s found both in the bible and in Buddhist teachings. And essentially it’s about how we view others. It’s easy to look at those close to us and find kind or loving thoughts and feelings but what about towards strangers?

A simple way to cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness is to first off send love to yourself, yes, even if you feel silly saying it.

Task 1

  • Your first task this morning, when you’re brushing your teeth, is to look in the mirror and silently repeat to yourself ‘I am loved, I am loved, I am loved.’

Task 2

  • Then as you go through your day your next task is to silently send love to everyone who crosses your path. You don’t need to say anything or do anything just simply see them and silently think to yourself ‘I send you love’.
  • The chances are you are going to keep forgetting to do this as it is a unique practice that can take time to master but every time you remember just think again ‘I send you love’.
  • It’s a lovely practice that doesnt interfere with anyone, doesnt require any special skills or beliefs but is a beautiful way to shift energy.

Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness towards others today

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s task in this Mindful March Project.

Here’s today’s freebie for you to download!

It’s a phone wallpaper – just right click, save and every time you look at your phone today you’ll be reminded of your daily task 🙂 ENJOY


Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.


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