This Simple 5 minute meditation can be used anywhere. Eyes open or closed, laying down or even standing up. This practice is designed to help you simply take 5 minutes out of the day to focus solely on your breathing. It can also be used before going to sleep, to help regulate the breathing. No bells, no whistles, just follow my voice as I guide you through a gentle exercise in watching your breathing, noticing the way the air moves through your body.

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This is one of my all time favorite healing meditations. Perfection isn’t the goal of meditation, but this guided practice is perfect. The pacing is gentle, her voice and music choice is so soothing. A great heart healing meditation for every day and especially during moments of crises. Many blessings!


Churchville, MD, United States

Beautiful, simple, empowering 🙏🏽🕉💖


California, United States

Dynamic and impactful ✨
Good to keep focus on the mantra and not being distracted by your thoughts 🙏💫


Neuchâtel, Switzerland