Mindful March – Day 23 – Think about all the people you love

Day 23 of Mindful March

Today we are looking at our relationships. One of the most beautiful ways we grow is through our relationships. No matter where we are in our lives the people around us can make a huge difference to how we feel day-to-day. If we are surrounded by good happy souls the chances are we are going to be happy souls ourselves. If we are surrounded by those with low energy then the chances are we will also suffer with that low energy ourselves.

Either way, the people around us make a big difference in our lives.  Today we are going to take some time out and really think about the people that make a difference to us. That means spending some time thinking about all the people you love.

Think about:

  • Why you love them
  • What are the qualities you love
  • How do they show up for you
  • How do they make you feel
  • How different would your life be without them

Spend a little time today and just think through all those wonderful souls in your life. And feel the gratitude that they are in your life. And when you have done this, I would suggest quietly in your mind sending them a little note of thank you.

Today’s task: Think about all the people you love

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

Mindful March – Day 16 – Make an effort to slow down

Life is hectic #MindfulMarch

It’s Mindful March Day 16. We all know life can be intense, we are driven to do so much in the day and it’s something that can overtake your day-to-day. It’s often really hard to get through our day without rushing from one task to the next.  Well today, when you find yourself rushing, make a concerted effort to slow down.

When we slow down, we allow. By allowing we help to clear the mental chatter and begin to see things more clearly.

That’s it. Just slow down.

#MindfulMarch Day 16 Task: Make an effort to slow down

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.



LONDON, JANUARY 03, 2019 — Today, Ayse Durmush – TheTransformation Expert shared her expert learnings on how people can beat the odds and succeed with their new year resolutions.

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About Ayse Durmush

Ayse Durmush aka The Transformation Expert is journalist and host of the nationally-syndicated radio show SourceLife Show that airs across 15 radio stations in the US. The show focuses on mind, body, spirit, personal growth and business development. Ayse is an ex-senior digital marketer for brands like Virgin Media, Samsung, o2 & Royal Bank of Scotland but became paralyzed with chronic fatigue in 2015. Determined to fix her health she embarked on a worldwide journey that transformed her entire life. She now teaches others how to live their ultimate lives through her writing and her show.