LONDON, JANUARY 03, 2019 — Today, Ayse Durmush – TheTransformation Expert shared her expert learnings on how people can beat the odds and succeed with their new year resolutions.

Ayse Durmush – Life & Business Transformation Expert and explains “There’s no reason why people should be failing at their resolutions if they follow a simple plan.”

The post featured in the internationally acclaimed and popular lifestyle site and offers simple but effective ways to set and keep resolutions no matter what time of the year people create them.

Ayse has coached many people on a personal and professional level with their transformations and there are key things that people can do to be successful regardless of their goals.

In fact, she has used these tips to transform areas of her own life including achieving a 40lb fat loss and successfully leaving a high paid corporate role to set up her own business.

“All the things I recommend are tips I have used myself to successfully transform, so I know these work. It really is a simple case of just following the plan and I guarantee people will succeed. It really is as simple as that.” says Ayse Durmush

Key bullets:

  • There are proven steps to take when setting a goal
  • By following a tried and tested plan you are guaranteed to succeed
  • Too many people over commit and underachieve
  • Everyone can succeed at their goals regardless of the time of year.

About Ayse Durmush

Ayse Durmush aka The Transformation Expert is journalist and host of the nationally-syndicated radio show SourceLife Show that airs across 15 radio stations in the US. The show focuses on mind, body, spirit, personal growth and business development. Ayse is an ex-senior digital marketer for brands like Virgin Media, Samsung, o2 & Royal Bank of Scotland but became paralyzed with chronic fatigue in 2015. Determined to fix her health she embarked on a worldwide journey that transformed her entire life. She now teaches others how to live their ultimate lives through her writing and her show.

The power of Gratitude – How to transform your life

Gratitude – Love it or Hate it?

We all know that gratitude is something that we should be practicing, but so many of us aren’t entirely sure how to do it, and those of us that do often give up as it becomes a chore or life gets in the way.

So why bother?

There’s actually alot of fascinating research into the science behind gratitude and the massive improvements that it seems to be able to make to literally every area of your life. The website has a host of science facts if you want to get more. Just take a look at this chart below courtesy of Happier Human.

Have you got 5 minutes

One of the things that fascinated me when I read through the findings is that it literally only takes 5 minutes a day to make a difference! That’s crazy, everyone can find 5 minutes. I don’t care how busy you are, how big your family commitments are, every single one of us must be able to find 5 minutes a day.

Now interestingly if you’re one of those people who is scratching their head trying to work out how on earth you’re going to find 5 minutes in between cooking, taking the kids to school, work, throwing down your lunch and blah blah blah… you already have times where you can be grateful.

Simply put, you don’t necessarily have to have a full on gratitude journal that you religiously write in every day. But you could for instance, think about what you’re grateful for when you brush your teeth twice a day, or how about when you’re in the shower and shampooing your hair? Hell even if you decided to think about something you’re grateful for whenever you go to the toilet would work!

Try it you might like it

The idea is that you just give it a go, if the daily journaling for 5 minutes becomes a chore, stop and try something else. Either way, you’re getting into the habit of retraining your brain. Regardless of what life throws at you in the year, this re-wiring will make your life feel so much more special than it currently does.

Learning to love

The main thing to remember is no matter how you go about it, your gratitude practice shouldn’t become a chore. It should ideally become a regular part of your day like brushing your teeth. But of course this, much like yoga is called a practice for a reason. It’s going to take time, regularly showing up before it becomes a part of your life. Just don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon. Simply acknowledge it and get back into some form of practice.

2018 and beyond

I hope this message strikes a chord and you begin to implement some form of gratitude practice into your life, be it, thankfulness when brushing your teeth or a daily photo you love on instagram or even the traditional gratitude journal each day. It truly is a remarkable way to rewire your brain and totally transform your life.

And finally, I would like to say I am grateful for you reading my words. Thank you!