Mindful March – Day 30 – Notice the joy in the simple things

We are nearly there!

So our month of Mindfulness is nearly over with just two days to go.  Today it’s about noticing the joy in the simple things of life.

That could be:

  • The smell of fresh coffee
  • The smile of a loved one
  • how the sun glints off the windows
  • how your body feels in a warm bath
  • jumping in a puddle like a kid
  • The sharp taste of a freshly cut lemon

It can be absolutely anything you want at all, just be really aware of the joy you feel. The experience and how that feels in your body and relish in it. There are so many beautiful joyous things that we can open our hearts and eyes to given the chance to truly think and see.  So try it and see what you could find joy in today.

Just one more day to go… make today count!

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

Mindful March – Day 23 – Think about all the people you love

Day 23 of Mindful March

Today we are looking at our relationships. One of the most beautiful ways we grow is through our relationships. No matter where we are in our lives the people around us can make a huge difference to how we feel day-to-day. If we are surrounded by good happy souls the chances are we are going to be happy souls ourselves. If we are surrounded by those with low energy then the chances are we will also suffer with that low energy ourselves.

Either way, the people around us make a big difference in our lives.  Today we are going to take some time out and really think about the people that make a difference to us. That means spending some time thinking about all the people you love.

Think about:

  • Why you love them
  • What are the qualities you love
  • How do they show up for you
  • How do they make you feel
  • How different would your life be without them

Spend a little time today and just think through all those wonderful souls in your life. And feel the gratitude that they are in your life. And when you have done this, I would suggest quietly in your mind sending them a little note of thank you.

Today’s task: Think about all the people you love

Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

Mindful March – Day 11 – When someone is speaking take a full breath before replying

#Mindful March – Day 11

So we’ve been consistently practicing little tasks for the last 10 days, simple things to raise awareness

And today we have a task that will impact others. And it focuses on how we interact with those around us. So often we are rushing around and busy doing so much all at once that we miss the opportunity to not only notice the world around us but give people our attention.  So today in an attempt to slow ourselves down the task is simple.

Day 11 Task: When someone is speaking take a full breath before replying

Imagine what a difference this will make. Not just at work but with loved ones too. It shows you’re listening, it gives you time to reflect on an answer and it also gives them the opportunity to finish what they may want to say.

See what impact this has on your conversations and your relationships today. It may become something you bring into your day to day routine.


Mindful March – Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness toward others

Welcome to Day 3

So today we focus on loving-kindness… but what on earth does that actually mean?  Well, it’s a term that’s found both in the bible and in Buddhist teachings. And essentially it’s about how we view others. It’s easy to look at those close to us and find kind or loving thoughts and feelings but what about towards strangers?

A simple way to cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness is to first off send love to yourself, yes, even if you feel silly saying it.

Task 1

  • Your first task this morning, when you’re brushing your teeth, is to look in the mirror and silently repeat to yourself ‘I am loved, I am loved, I am loved.’

Task 2

  • Then as you go through your day your next task is to silently send love to everyone who crosses your path. You don’t need to say anything or do anything just simply see them and silently think to yourself ‘I send you love’.
  • The chances are you are going to keep forgetting to do this as it is a unique practice that can take time to master but every time you remember just think again ‘I send you love’.
  • It’s a lovely practice that doesnt interfere with anyone, doesnt require any special skills or beliefs but is a beautiful way to shift energy.

Day 3 – Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness towards others today

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s task in this Mindful March Project.

Here’s today’s freebie for you to download!

It’s a phone wallpaper – just right click, save and every time you look at your phone today you’ll be reminded of your daily task 🙂 ENJOY


Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.

The power of your tribe

Who are you?

Jim Rohn says you are the sum of the five people you hang out the most with. Have you ever actually looked at who you spend your time with? Are they people who inspire you, encourage you, wish you the best? Or are they people who moan, make you feel bad and want you to stay within certain boundaries.

Today, it dawned on me that my circle is in need of a shake up. I am acutely aware that I am out of sorts, I have so many high ambitions of things that I absolutely must get done but there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do them.  As I looked at my core group I realised that as much as there is love there, there isnt really much in the way of support. And I have quietly been stepping further and further away from engaging with them. By doing this I have increasingly found myself isolated, admittedly by my own doing. But realised I do need to ask for help and not simply expect people to offer it!

What happens when you swallow your pride?
So today, I swallowed my pride and reached out to someone to tell them I was overwhelmed and that I didn’t know what to do. Within a few short messages solutions started to flow, a way out was shown to me and the relief poured over me like a wave!

I then reached out to my group and asked if anyone would be able to support me in my vision for Chicks Who Lift and within moments replies started flooding in of support. Today I truly felt the love flow. Of course, if your message is one that people identify with, then people are willing to help.

But I honestly felt so ashamed to be asking, as if as a woman I absolutely HAD to do everything myself. But at the same time I know it’s this mentality that struck me down with chronic fatigue so many times.

In order to strike a balance in life I believe you not only need to ensure the right people are around you but that also you know WHEN to ask for their support. Today, I am so happy I did just that.

So today’s advice for you

There is no shame in asking for help
Have the right people around you, who encourage you
Be willing to be vulnerable
If your message comes from a place of love and not fear people will want to help you for free
Much love folks!