Mindful March – Day 4 – Stay fully present whilst drinking your coffee

Welcome to Day 4

Today’s task is another simple one but one that you’ll feel instant benefits from.   Whilst many of us start the day with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy our caffeine hit, we don’t really do it in isolation. Often whilst we are drinking our cuppa we’ll be talking to someone or maybe eating or watching the news. But we rarely do it solely, and enjoy it!  Today when you have your tea or coffee, simple drink it in silence and appreciate it.

Think about:

  • enjoying the taste
  • the warmth
  • the flavor
  • the aroma
  • how it feels as it goes down your throat
  • how it feels in your body

There’s so much more going on with your daily cuppa than you have ever probably appreciated before. And whilst you’re thinking through these thoughts, just enjoy your drink – no pressure, no thoughts of what you have to do – just enjoy your lovely hot cuppa.  That’s it!  Simple 🙂

Day 4 – Stay fully present whilst drinking your cup of tea or coffee

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s task in this Mindful March Project.

Here’s today’s freebie for you to download!

It’s a phone wallpaper – just right click, save and every time you look at your phone today you’ll be reminded of your Day 4 task 🙂 ENJOY


Special thanks go to www.actionforhappiness.org for their amazing work and launching Mindful March.